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Green Energy LP offers propane services in Southern Michigan tailored to your home and needs!
  • Propane can be equipped in your home and used as a residential energy source. Propane is not only efficient, it offers homeowners reliability, affordability, and cleanliness. Roughly 8.1 million homes use Propane as an energy source.

    Heating Services

  • Tired of a lack of hot water? Tired of seeing your bill rise, but not the temperature of the water? Propane gas water heaters are an efficient residential appliance. The heater costs less than $10 to operate on a monthly basis. A propane water heater can save you up to $2,000 throughout its lifetime and it heats your water twice as much.

    Hot Water Heater

  • Gas powered appliances do not go out when the power goes out, which means you can still cook during an outage. This efficient heating source also provides instant heat and temperature control.


  • With a propane powered clothes dryer, you will no longer have to wait an hour or two to dry your clothes. Propane fueled dryers can dry your laundry in more than half the time than an electric dryer.

    Clothes Dryer

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