Convenient delivery services offered to customers.

Delivery services you can count on!
  • Auto Delivery

    All future deliveries of propane to your residence will be made when your fuel reaches the level of 20-30%. This consumption calculation is determined based on the last 5 deliveries you have received. We have equipment in place that records degree days. Degree days are based on the temperature, wind, and solar. Deliveries requiring a same or next day delivery will be subject to additional fees."

  • Phone In

    Green Energy recommends that you call into our office when you notice that your tank is at 30%. To ensure you get your delivery in time, we request you to provide a 7 business day notice. Phone in orders does not apply for the weekend or after hour deliveries. Delivery requirements must be met.

  • Payment First

    If your tank is at 30%, you must call into our office to receive a quote. Payment is required before delivery. Once payment is made, delivery will be scheduled within a 7 business day window. All payment in advance accounts must meet delivery requirements, and these accounts do not qualify for the weekend or after hours delivery.

  • Minimum

    All accounts must meet the minimum delivery requirements. Green Energy requires a minimum of 300 dollars for all residential tanks that are 250 gallons and larger. Any tanks that are  under 250 gallons, must be refilled to a minimum of 80%.

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